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Molly Garnier is a Norfolk based contemporary artist working in oils inspired by figures, land and skies.  Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2003 with a First Class Honors  in Drawing and Painting, Molly began her career as an artist and her work is now collected nationally and internationally.  Molly paints from her studio on the North Norfolk coast  where she lives with her chef husband and two beautiful children.  She took a break out of her painting schedule recently to have her second child and has now returned to working in her studio. 


Molly became well known for her postcard size smoky images of the female nude, which stemmed from  a love of 19th Century nude photography and an admiration for the old masters such as Caravaggio and Rubens.  Art critics have described her nudes as being

‘ reminiscent of Degas and those Victorian photographs of women accidentally glimpsed in domestic surroundings’. 



As well as painting the nude, she takes inspiration from the power of the natural landscape surrounding her.  Living on the Norfolk coast, she attempts to paint the vast skies and limitless horizons of the constantly shifting landscape.  

 "I have always been drawn to the coastline and strive to depict the everchanging light and atmosphere of a place or a moment in time.  I am in awe of the  natural world  and its ethereal beauty.  I greatly admire Turner's painting technique and his brooding skies. My paintings are built up with a history of thin layers,  where the paint reveals and hides detail within the canvas.  This is just as important as the subject matter.   I pull and drag the paint across the surface creating a sense of depth and illumination and use smaller brushes for refined detail suggesting things within the paintings, sometimes ambiguous or dramatic."

Molly Garnier is currently represented by the Lime Tree Gallery in Long Melford and Bristol.

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