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Molly is happy to paint commissions and can be reached via the enquiry form on the contact page. She has completed various commissions for clients, from family portraits to intimate nudes and  paintings  based around a specific memorable place  or to suit a particular space you have in mind.

The commission process starts  with a chat on the phone or in person where she can establish a subject matter, size, timescale, color pallet, atmosphere, and price. It is helpful to make a reference to one or two previously created paintings by Molly  to help her understand your requirements.   Molly is more than happy for clients to visit her in her studio to see how their work is progressing. Framing can be discussed as an additional extra but it does make the over all painting look completed so it is recommended.  A 50% deposit is required before starting the process. 

Above are some examples of recent commissions that she has undertaken, you can click on the images to enlarge the painting and see them full scale.  

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